So what is the Seduction Box? Quite simply its a fun, sexy, monthly subscription box bringing the element of surprise into your love life.
Each month members will receive a box filled with a sexy surprise lingerie piece along with a few extra goodies to set the mood including luxurious scented candles and the Seduction Boxes very own premium line of lotions, oils and sprays. Perfect as a gift to the lovely lady in your life, or for the ladies surprise your man every month with your new outfit. The Seduction Box takes the awkwardness, stress, and judgement out of buying lingerie, you don't have to think about it, you don't have to plan it, The Seduction Box does the work for you, and what's better than getting a gift you can both enjoy!




 Why us?

You could try and set aside time to go to some shady adult store and have an awkward time picking through over priced items,or harassed by sales people on commission  in big name retail stores, OR you could let us do the work for you. Each month our designer hands picks each lingerie, along with your extra accessories and creates our Seduction Box, specially to please you. Your box arrives at your door each month in a specialty gift box waiting to be opened by you and your partner. It's simple, its sexy, and its ready the moment you open it to experience and enjoy!